Ok apologies for not writing!

Due to my injury I have not been working for a while and actually turned to the dark side and got a little temp job but the stockings and heels have been calling me and its hard to resist so I am now just working evenings and the odd weekend. This means that my availability is not that high and I can only really accept pre books and you will have to be mega lucky if you manage to get a same day booking.

Sad news the cat has gone missing. Its been just over a week so it’s not looking good and I am devastated. So that’s both my cats lost in the space of six months.

I am finding it difficult not accidentally blurting out what I have been doing previously to my temp job because to me it’s not a big thing and I forget that its controversal to other people. The biggest challenge I have got now is that our xmas (oh did I swear?) party has a theme of ……Moulin Rouge!!!! Now I this is something I am going to be good at but maybe too good?

Right I am off to hit the shops (maybe to go looking for my super sexy costume….)



Your friendly neighbourhood whore

Feel likes its been ages since I wrote so much has been happening in my life with lots of visits to the new house from friends and family, parties and bbq’s.

I decided a couple of days ago to finally tell my best friend that I am hooking and have been on and off for just over a year. She responded by asking a lot of questions which I found really refreshing that she would ask rather than jump to conclusions. The problem is that we are from two completely different schools of thought with regards to sex. She thinks that sex os solely for people in love and I think that, that kind of attitude makes men cheat!

For me sex is a physical act that occasionally has emotional meaning but mostly its an expression of a persons desires not emotions. At times like this I love my job. Guys come to me feeling comfortable to have their deepest, darkest fantasies fulfilled and its very liberating for me.

In fact I saw a first timer (punting) the other day who I instantly warmed to. Polite, gentlemanly and a good conversationalist. Also attractive and complimentary which started making me really enjoying this appointment. After getting down and dirty we started talking until round two and got into the fact that he is recently separated and in fact wanted the girl back.

Now in normal life I am a good shoulder to cry on but I tend to be very direct sometimes to the point of brutal and so being aware of this put me on edge so after spluttering a couple of crap clichés I made a run for it.

As for the photo’s, bad news the camera is playing up so I have the pics but no way of uploading them but I am thinking of taking the plunge and getting a pro shot done so when I am old and gravity has destroyed my looks I can reminisce that I wasn’t so bad-looking after all.



More pics soon!

If you follow my on twitter you have possibly been hearing about my website drama. I was using a hosted site that was not prossie friendly and I ended up being blocked. This meant I had to create a new site with a more open-minded hosting site and I am very proud of my little creation! I have also bought a domain name which means that –

1. It looks a hell of a lot more professional

2. I can now start working on appearing in search engines

This of course has created a stupid amount of work for me as it’s not just the website that needed doing but also updating all of the directories! I am now learning all about SEO and starting to feel a bit less of a techno bimbo.

I have been on about getting new/more pics for ages and today I am finally going to get them taken and uploaded as soon as possible.

Apart from that not a lot of news as I have just spent all of my time getting myself back online!



Blow Jobs at 60mph

This is what happens when I sense a challenge. Mr. Man and I were out in the car together the other day. He drives a lot because of his work and thus classifies himself as a first class driver. He regularly eats while driving (how he managed a bowl of corn flakes is beyond me), rolls his fags etc while driving and boosted to me that he felt that he can do anything while driving.

When I joked that I bet if I started coming on to him he would have to pull over or make me stop he responded with ‘try me’. Well that was just like a red rag to a bull and so I started fondling around in the trouser area and then leaning over to give him a long hard sucking.

He pulled over! He says it’s because he couldn’t take full advantage of my body and he could have continued driving if he wanted to (yeah yeah!). We ended up driving to a secluded area where we continued the fun ending up with me being bent over the bonnet and having hot, passionate sex.

I have never enjoyed proving a point so much!

Other news is that I have started dancing again which is fantastic because I have missed having that release I get from dance. I hate the monotony of gym workouts and I am quite creative so it’s the perfect outlet for me. I am just not dancing at class though. If I am alone and the music is on then I am practising and thank god I have not been seen yet by either Mr. Man or neighbours (well I haven’t heard of any recent deaths from laughing so hard that they had a stroke) but I have stood on the cat and smashed my hand on the bookcase.



Back in the 21st Centuary

Yippeee got my internet connection back. Its been a long two weeks in which time I have not been able to work at all.

Due to not having a incall place or being able to promote myself online I decided that I would try a couple of shifts down a parlour and it’s not something I am going to try again. I resented the cut they took from me and was nervous regarding the legal side of things but I must say that I loved all the girls I met there and regret that I am not going to be meeting them again and it was reassuring knowing that there was someone there keeping an ear out for you when you are doing a service.

I also found that it was more of a service that was provided rather than an experience that you get with an escort and found it difficult to make the switch.

However the main reason I am writing about my work experience of a brothel is to try to resolve my thoughts on if they should be legalised. On the one side a decent parlour with a protective madam is good for the girls who want to work in the industry but do not like to do all the background work themselves. They just want to turn up for their shift, work and then go home again. It provides a safe environment and the cut they take is no more than what I need to pay in bills for an incall place and legalizing it will give the girls the piece of mind that they are not going to get busted.

On the other side of this though if brothels are legalised then they are going to be subjected to all the laws required in a normal work place and it doesn’t seem right that health and safety wombles are going in and out making sure they are no fire hazards. Part of the reason men see whores is because the taboo. The feeling of a illicit liaison which a girl who does all the things your wife doesn’t do for whatever reason. Will legalizing it make it less exhilarating then before?

For me I am seeing the sex industry change making it harder for whores to make a living. You can get NSA sex on many encounter websites, free porn online. Ok some guys still see the issues of having an affair rather than punting but will legalizing the industry be the final nail in the coffin for many girls working in this industry?

Right off my soap box and onto a but of house keeping. Yes I am working, no I am not offering incalls at the moment but hopefully at some point in the autumn I will be.



Entering the Dark Ages!

Well finally got most of our stuff up to the new house and now we just have to give up the keys and close a chapter of being young, single and living in the city…..well I am still young!

Tiggy has been moved to the new house and is not happy! Clingy, scared and generally uptight. Not going to have TV, phone or internet so how I am going to entertain myself I don’t know plus I have drowned my personal phone in the bath (I know well done me)

I am not working this week due to the move and the fact that I fell out of the back of the removal van and badly twisted my ankle.

Anyway that’s my news nothing too exciting but hopefully I will have more fun next week. Right I am off to ice my poor ankle!



Lights, Camera, Action

Having trouble getting to sleep tonight because despite it being wet it’s still stupidly hot and my shanagians haven’t helped! I have been wanting to upload some videos and finally got around to doing it and it was such a giggle that I might be hooked. So please check me out on adult work doing my thang!

I have also enjoyed networking with my other SAAFE ladies and in particular want to give a shout out to Lucy Chambers who is currently touring and has been wowing me with her sassyness. Well worth a visit for guys who like their girls blonde and busty with plenty of attitude (in the good way).

I am also planning to take this Saturday off in order to go to the beach if the weather holds out for me and I am going to be taking my camera with me!!



Drama Drama Drama

Well bang goes my relaxing Sunday. Mr. Man got up this morning to go to footy leaving me relaxing in bed enjoying a lay in when there was a knock of the door. I was in no mood for the God Squad so ignored it. Knocked again still didn’t answer thinking God Squad where more determined then normal. At the third knock I was pretty sure it wasn’t the God Squad so climbed out of bed and opened the door to find my very lovely next door neighbour. Now I really like the girl but she does have the tendency of being the bearer of bad news so I was not exactly pleased to see her and not without reason. The car had been smashed in.

Phoned the police and explained the incident and they promised to be over at the very latest an hour later. This came and went so I called them again. Same response we will be here in an hour. It actually took five. Now I do not blame PC Plod at all they do a fantastic job and when you really need them they provide an invaluable service but it seems to consistently come short when it comes to petty crime. I believe this is because both know that catching the little buggers are next to impossible which hardly makes them motivated.

I also today lost my sim card for my work phone so I am currently uncontactable. I am going to get a new PAYG sim tomorrow morning so hope to be back working Monday PM. As soon as I get my new number I will post it up but in the mean time please feel free to contact me via my online booking form.

I am finally having the Sunday I wanted. Sat snuggled up on the couch with a glass of wine, chocolate and my kitten.



Is that a set of keys in your pocket…

Well got the keys for the new house and met our new landlady who is lovely but as mad as a badger! Having a good look around there again today to work out furniture arrangements and discover the fuse box and discovered that we need all white goods as well as furniture so that has ensured a good panic and phone calls to friends and family to see if anyone has anything going spare.

Latest news on the cat front…still no sign of Lilly and Tiggy has started sleeping in the shower. Found her in there this morning and wouldn’t move even had the cheek to hiss at me when I tried to shift her so I done what any intelligent pet owner would do and switched the tap on. We are still not talking to each other regarding the incident (she is such a diva).

Coming soon are new pictures and videos that will be able to view on adultwork (link provided as soon as I get uploaded) where you can see me get down and dirty doing what I do best….



Come over to my place

Yipppeeeee I can now offer in calls!! Please check out my website for details. I am going to be changing my location after the 31st of this month but for the time being I can now entertain you lovely gents in the comfort of my place.

I have celebrated this by singing along to my iPod while doing the washing up (oh I do know how to have a good time!)

Been feeling a bit up and down today. Still feeling positive about the move but I am starting to think that I will be moving without one of my beloved moggies. He is a two-year old ginger which a really dopey look and is called….Lilly (gender mistake at purchase and now I am so used to calling her ahem him Lilly that I can’t get out of it)

Well Lilly has been gone for a month now and although I am comforted by the fact that I haven’t seen any ginger splats anywhere I know its unlikely I am going to be seeing her again and she is being cared for elsewhere but I hate the thought of leaving her behind.

Today I have also been watching old episodes of ‘Royle Family’ in particular the episode where nanna kicks the bucket and I had a good old cry for myself which is actually one of my favourite things to do and searching for lovely new pieces of lingerie (current fixation – makes a change from shoes) and deciding where I want my next holiday.

Oh and of course I have done a little bit of work 😉



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